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5-Minute Therapy Combo Pack
Product SKU: SPEAK08

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By Susan Sexton and Linda Eve Seth

If you like "5-Minute Kids," you will love "5-Minute Therapy!"

Each activity books follow the same format as "5-Minute Kids" with suggested five minute lessons for articulating the sounds of R, L, S/Z, K/G, SH/CH, and TH/V/F.  The activity book includes:

  • "Word Banks" of 75-100 words in the initial, medial, final position plus blends.
  • Data sheets for each sound at the word, phrases and sentences level to record responses.
  • Reading lists for each sound at the word, phrase and sentence level.
  • Games for 5-Minute Therapy
  • Homework activities including directions, "word of the day," sight word flashcards, bookmarks and homework sheets.
  • Prepared percentage charts to calculate production.

Purchase all six books and save $9.00!  Books can be purchased individually for $18.00 each.

All ages.

Price: $99.00

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