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With fashion ruling many of the posts on Instagram, socially shrewd fashion brands and bloggers are capitalizing on this by incorporating affiliate linking through Since Instagram doesn’t allow for direct linking in how can you buy followers on instagram captions, creates a seamless bridge between customers and brands. As a leader in fashion editorial, Vogue was the first fashion publication to launch the program on their official Instagram account. By signing up for the program, users are emailed the information of an outfit or product highlighted in an Instagram post. This saves users the time of commenting their questions on the products, which may get lost in the shuffle, or searching various sites for the exact outfit the saw in a post.To commemorate the launch of the new 2015 Mercedes GLA Compact SUV, the brand created a virtual custom shop via Instagram. Users could create their own dream version of the luxury vehicle via different tags leading users to alternate accounts with different customizations and features. The campaign included hundreds of Instagram profiles and thousands of images to create the experience in which the final photo presents the user with their customized vehicle and the price tag to match.Going forward, Instagram will also compete with other emerging social networks for attention among these younger demographics, and by extension, for brands’ ad dollars in reaching those demographics. However, over time, we believe Instagram’s straightforward and simple content feed has wider appeal across all demographics—no matter what age or level of digital savvy.

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This Halloween, Target launched a “virtual trick-or-treat experience” on the brand’s official Instagram account. Each image has the option to chose a trick or a treat, that leads users to different profiles depending on which tag can i buy followers on instagram is tapped. Users who choose trick will be lead to spooky themed recipes, and those who choose treat lead to DIY halloween projects. The creative campaign is a great showcase of using the app in a fresh way.CBS utilized star power for an Instagram takeover this fall season. For one week the official network Instagram account was taken over by primetime actors and producers for fans to get an inside look at what goes into making their favorite programming. Throughout the week, stars from popular CBS network shows posted pictures from set the day that the shows were to air on TV. Fans could follow along via the official account or through the official hashtag #CBSInstagramTakeover.

7 new social media apps that could rival Instagram, Snapchat, Vine & Pinterest in 2015

Facebook and Twitter are the leading social media apps, but in the past few years they've been joined by additional social networks including Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest, all of which seem to have taken the internet by how can i buy followers on instagram storm. So what's the next big thing in the social space for 2015? We bring you seven apps that aim to become social successes this year, plus a bonus social network that actually pays you for posting.Secret is a bit different from your normal social media app, allowing you to share secrets with your friends – but they won't know it's you. They can then reply anonymously, too.Your secrets don't just get shared with your friends, though. They can be seen by people nearby, and if your friends "love" your secret then their friends will see it too.Kleek isn't its own social network. Rather, it connects to Facebook to allow you to limit the statuses and other data to just the people you care most about. You can use Kleek to make sure only your close friends see your statuses.