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Omnipresence, omnichannel and omnidevice: welcome to the real-time economy

People use many channels but also employ many devices to interact with business on their. The mobile Web, the always online evolution and the increase of digital and social channels buy instagram followers uk all result in media consumption, buying patterns and communication behavior that is less bound to limits in time, space and scale. We increasingly live in a real-time world where the omnipresence and availability of a business, 24/24 and 7/7 becomes important. The expectations of people have changed and are now harder to manage. While it’s important to take into account resources and costs, and to prioritize where we spend our time most, this demand for omnipresence is growing, while online and offline channels and experiences to meet it, are converting.

social media

B2B Marketers Eager to Learn More About Social Media and Its ROI

Social Media Marketing Industry Report” published by Social Media Examiner has found that B2B marketers plan to increase social media usage this year, while also striving to gain a better understanding of its impact on business. The data shows 80 percent of B2B marketers intend to increase their use of LinkedIn, buy targeted instagram followers about 53 percent said they would do so with Facebook, while 40 percent cited Instagram. Approximately 71 percent of B2B marketers also said they are interested in learning more about using LinkedIn for social media marketing. Fifty-seven percent said the same about Facebook, while 39 percent wanted to learn more about Instagram. This yearning for knowledge is on top of marketers’ desire to measure their ROI for social networking. The report showed that 88 percent of marketers still want to know how to measure their return on investment for social media activities. Previous research indicates that has been a consistent problem over the past five years.

Growing expectations and the need to listen and respond

Whether we like it or not: people have become more demanding in their expectations from businesses. It’s a key reason why businesses start paying ever more attention to the customer experience and even the social and digital customer experience. It’s also the reason why we see many evolutions in contact buy instagram followers centers and customer service departments. They are not easily satisfied, even if there are differences depending on the individual and demographic. They not only want to manage their time and control their journey. They want to be served fast, in a perfect way and on their conditions; impatient and with high standards. Social media is not the cause of this but it certainly has made this evolution clearer and more pressing. Again, prioritization and resources are important in defining how businesses deal with this but the grown expectations are real. Furthermore, both positive and negative experiences travel fast so this evolution can’t be taken too lighthearted.